A hybrid engine for UAVs

2-stroke single cylinder internal combustion hybrid engine, complete with an 11 kW booster-generator, idle clutch, and gear-box.

This cutting-edge engine is specifically designed for sustained operation at constant speeds, making it ideal for use in planes and VTOL type UAVs with high electrical power demands.

Our engine is meticulously crafted with compliance to the stringent requirements of both ASTM F3366-19 and EU Regulation 2018/1139, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for safety and performance.

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Key technologies

Highly effective for sustained operation at constant speeds.

  • The engine uses a two-stroke design with a Reed-valve intake and a Resonator exhaust.
  • Fuel injection is done electronically using a Throttle body and Transfer port. The engine has twin fuel pumps and pressure regulators.
  • The engine has a twin contour liquid cooling system that is robust and reliable.
  • An integrated gearbox transmission with an idle clutch is built into the engine.
  • The engine has an 11kW generator/booster to provide electric power or to increase torque/power/acceleration.
  • A booster is included to level the inter-combustion-cycle torque.
  • The engine has a governor for RPM and torque control.
  • Aluminium body, cast-iron cylinder sleeve, DLC-coatings
Key technologies
The outlook
  • 1 – Cylinder cover
  • 2 – Cylinder
  • 3 – Coil
  • 4 – Spark plug
  • 5 – 1st stage injector
  • 6 – Reductor case
  • 7 – Alternator / Starter rotor
  • 8 – ECU / Battery unit
  • 9 – Cooling pump
  • 10 – Throttle body
  • 11 – Intake air resonator / silencer / filter
  • 12 – Silencer
  • 13 – Throttle servo / sensor
  • 14 – Cooling liquid temperature sensor
  • 15 – Shaft flange
  • 16 – Resonator
  • 17 – EGT sensor
  • 18 – Radiator
Technical parameters
Engine type Hybrid, 2-stroke, 1 cylinder
Weight 8.9 kg
Displacement 124 cc
Length/Wiath/Height 450x300x150 mm
Bore 54 mm
Stroke 54 mm
Power 29 hp at 8800 rpm
Maximum Continuous Speed 10000 rpm
Ignition CDI, Twin spark.
Cooling Liquid cooling, pressured thermostated system with external electric cooling pump and radiators
Fuel system Electronic Fuel Two Stage Injection Throttle body + Transfer port
Fuel type Wide range of automotive and aviation gas, heavy fuel, 2% premix w/TS Oil. External lubrication system options available
Fuel consumption 200 – 220 g / kW / hr
TBO (estimate) 1000+ hours
Preferred oil type API TC
Fuel to oil mixture Premix 2%, Automix – 0,5-1%
Sensors / Telemetry EGT – Exhaust gas temperature; CHT – Cylinder head temperature; CLT – Cooling liquid temperature; IAT – Intake air temperature; RPM – Rotation per mine; CSP – Crankshaft Position; KS – Knock sensor; Airflow, Throttle position, Fuel Flow
Control CAN 2.0B J1339/29bit; ADLM + TrueTorgue
Electric System Internal alternator / starter; Internal starter battery pack 5Ah
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