A hybrid engine for UAVs

A super light 2-stroke single cylinder liquid cooling hybrid engine with a compact integrated 22 kW generator,

  • Highly effective for sustained operation at constant speeds.
  • Designed for helicopter or multicopter-type UAVs with electrical transmission.
  • Ideal for a wide range of drone applications, the UAVHE GT-Series APU  is a versatile choice for drone manufacturers and operators seeking top-tier engine management solutions. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or research purposes, this module delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

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Key technologies

Highly effective for sustained operation at constant speeds. Built for helicopter-type UAVs with electrical transmission.

  • The UAVHE GT and RW-Series ECU/Rectifier Module is a groundbreaking advancement in the field of drone engine management. Designed for high efficiency and optimal performance, this module is the perfect solution for modern drone technologies, catering to the needs of both hybrid and conventional engines. fill in the form below or contact us using the details at the bottom of the page
  • Precision Control: Directly manages both fuel injection and ignition systems, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced engine performance. Hybrid System Management: Seamlessly integrates with hybrid e-flywheels and boosters, providing a versatile solution for various drone applications. Advanced Power Conversion: Features a sophisticated AC to DC conversion system, comprising four groups with four channels each (totaling 16 channels). This setup allows for meticulous control, complete with independent management, dedicated fuses, and an innovative load priority system. Parallel Operation Capability: Designed for scalability, multiple RW-Series ECU modules can work in concert. This is facilitated by an in-built arbitration system and hot-swap functionality, ensuring uninterrupted operation and easy maintenance. Connectivity and Integration: Equipped with external Ethernet RJ45, RS485 and CANBus ports, facilitating seamless integration with various drone systems and ensuring easy data transmission.
  • Comprehensive Telemetry: Offers full telemetry capabilities, backed by a substantial memory capacity capable of storing up to 100 engine hours. This feature allows for total recording of each operational cycle, providing invaluable data for analysis and optimization.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets the stringent requirements of DO-178 for internal software, MIL-std-461/464 for electrical components, and MIL-std-810 for housing and installation. This compliance underscores the module’s reliability and suitability for diverse operational environments. Applications
Key technologies
The outlook
  • 1 – Cylinder cover
  • 2 – Cylinder
  • 3 – Coil
  • 4 – Spark plug
  • 5 – 1st stage injector
  • 6 – Reductor case
  • 7 – Alternator / Starter rotor
  • 8 – ECU / Battery unit
  • 9 – Cooling pump
  • 10 – Throttle body
  • 11 – Intake air resonator / silencer / filter
  • 12 – Silencer
  • 13 – Throttle servo / sensor
  • 14 – Cooling liquid temperature sensor
  • 15 – Shaft flange
  • 16 – Resonator
  • 17 – EGT sensor
  • 18 – Radiator
Technical parameters
Engine type Hybrid, 2-stroke, 1 cylinder
Weight 13.3 kg
Displacement 124 cc
Length/Wiath/Height 450x300x150 mm
Bore 54 mm
Stroke 54 mm
Electric output power 22kW at 8800 rpm
Maximum Continuous Speed 11000 rpm
Ignition Electronic CDI. Twin spark plug. Variable ignition front
Cooling Liquid cooling, vario-pressured thermostated system with external electric cooling pump and radiators
Fuel system Electronic Fuel Two Stage Injection into Throttle body and Transfer port
Fuel type Mulifuel: Wide range of automotive and aviation gas, 2% premix w/TS Oil. External lubrication system options available
Fuel consumption 300 – 320 g / kW / hr
TBO (estimate) Up to 1000 hours
Preferred oil type API TC
Fuel to oil mixture Premix 2%, Automix – 0,5-1%
Sensors / Telemetry EGT – Exhaust gas temperature; CHT – Cylinder head temperature; CLT – Cooling liquid temperature; IAT – Intake air temperature; RPM – Rotation per mine; CSP – Crankshaft Position; KS – Knock sensor; Airflow, Throttle position, Fuel Flow
Control Ethernet (Twisted pair RJ45/MS12), CAN 2.0B J1939/29bit; RS485/RS232, ADLM + TrueTorgue
Electric System 48V Internal alternator / starter; Internal starter battery pack 5Ah
Electric output 16ch, 48/96/144/192VDC, 2ch 270VDC


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