A hybrid twin-engine motorunit for UAVs

Twin-engine power plant with the integrated transmission. Electronically synchronized rotation of coaxial rotors.


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Key technologies

Each of two engine is 124cc 29hp—two-stroke with fuel injection and liquid cooling. An 11kw generator/booster/starter is integrated into the engine crankshaft. Reducer with a gear ratio of 1:5. Idling clutch. Duplicated cooling systems (two pumps for each of the dual cooling loops.). Dual ignition systems, two spark plugs per cylinder, two coils, and two controllers per cylinder.

  • The procedures for starting, holding, idling, and holding the desired torque are performed and maintained automatically by command from the controller. The governor can operate both with the given rotation speed and with the required torque level.
  • Eight silent blocks are located on the motor mount for placement on the aircraft.
  • All control of the power plant is carried out via the CAN bus.
  • The fuel pump can lift fuel from tanks one and a half meters below the engines.
Key technologies
The outlook
Technical parameters
Engine type (each of two) Hybrid, 2-stroke, 1 cylinder
Weight 23.5 kg
Displacement 124 cc
Length/Width/Height 600x600x300
Bore 54 mm
Stroke 54 mm
Power (total) 55 hp at 8800 rpm
Maximum Continuous Speed 9550 rpm
Ignition Electronic CDI. Twin spark plug. Variable ignition front
Cooling Liquid cooling, pressured thermostated system with external electric cooling pump and radiators
Fuel system Electronic Fuel Two Stage Injection Throttle body + Transfer port
Fuel type JP8, Jet-A1, F54
Fuel consumption 200 – 220 g / kW / hr
TBO (estimate) 1000h
Preferred oil type API TC
Fuel to oil mixture Premix 2%, Automix – 0,5-1%
Sensors / Telemetry EGT – Exhaust gas temperature; CHT – Cylinder head temperature; CLT – Cooling liquid temperature; IAT – Intake air temperature; RPM – Rotation per mine; CSP – Crankshaft Position; KS – Knock sensor; Airflow, Throttle position, Fuel Flow
Control CAN 2.0B J1339/29bit; ADLM + TrueTorgue
Electric System Internet alternator / starter; Internal starter battery pack 5Ah
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